This snapshot of real estate sales, based on deeds transferred during this period, is compiled from public records. Median Price means that half the homes sold for more and half for less. Prices may reflect the types of housing sold, which vary according to locality and reporting period. Deed transfers often lag closing dates.

Cities located in McHenry County, Illinois
A - AlgonquinB - BarringtonC - Barrington HillsD - Cary
E - Crystal LakeF - Fox River GroveG - HarvardH - Hebron
I - Holiday HillsJ - HuntleyK - Island LakeL - Johnsburg
M - Lake In The HillsN - LakemoorO - LakewoodP - Marengo
Q - Mccullom LakeR - MchenryS - Oakwood HillsT - Prairie Grove

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