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past home sales: 6,707,138
current home sales: 30,119

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Record Information Services is your only option for Chicago land!

About Real Estate Illinois

Real Estate Illinois, a subsidiary company of Record Information Services, is an online portal for accessing the latest real estate sales results in the Chicagoland area and beyond. This site was designed with the home buyer or seller in mind, for doing quick searches on real estate by address, zip code, purchase price of home, and more. Visitors can search residential or commercial properties, industrial, farm land, vacant properties, and more, dating as far back as 1997. Real Estate Illinois is a useful tool for checking comp houses when selling your home, and is also valuable for ensuring your own property transfers have been correctly recorded by the county recorder's office. Records can be viewed individually and printed from the site. Visit Illinois Real Estate to search properties today.

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Record Information Services, Inc. has provided a wide variety of marketing-oriented data for the Chicagoland area for over 21 years. is designed for individual professionals and businesses to access public record data for use in direct mail and telemarketing campaigns. Our targeted marketing leads allow businesses to focus their advertising dollars on customers who are most likely to buy their specific products and services. » Read More